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Trophy Fees

Cape Eland
1800 USD
Livingstone Eland
3000 USD
Greater Kudu
2000 USD
Red Hartebeest
850 USD
550 USD
Black Faced Impala
2000 USD
Black Impala
2000 USD
Kalahari Springbok
400 USD
Black Springbok
600 USD
White Springbok
1000 USD
Copper Springbok
800 USD
1000 USD
300 USD
450 USD
Black Wildebeest
1200 USD
Blue Wildebeest
1000 USD
Golden Wildebeest
2500 USD
900 USD
500 USD
Baboon or Jackal
150 USD
2400 USD
2500 USD
Gemsbok (Oryx)
750 USD
Gemsbok (40"/101.6 cm +)
2000 USD
Golden Gemsbok
2000 USD
600 USD
White Blesbok
1000 USD
Hartmann's Mtn. Zebra
1350 USD
Burchell's Zebra
1350 USD
Common Duiker
400 USD
Damara Dik Dik
2200 USD
3500 USD
Leopard 14-day hunt inclusive
30000 USD
Hyena (spotted)
2200 USD
African Wild Cat
800 USD
200 USD
3000 USD
2800 USD
4500 USD
4500 USD
Daily Rate Namibia
Hunter 1 on 1
450 USD
Hunter 2 on 1
400 USD
250 USD
Touring / Photo Safari
450 USD

Hunt includes:

  • The service of a licensed professional hunter.

  • Boarding, lodging and daily laundry services.

  • Meals, soft drinks and snacks.

  • Transfers on arrival and departure. All transfers within the hunting areas. Only out of the hunting area an extra cost can be charged.

  • Hunting vehicles and fuel.


Daily rate excludes:

  • All transfers outside of the ordinary hunting and accommodation expenses.

  • Local spirits, in moderation, telephone and internet.

  • Special licenses or permit requirements outside given package quotes.

  • Photographic or fishing safaris unless otherwise quoted within a package.

  • Game drives or other optional excursions not quoted within the package.

  • Weapon hire and usage of ammunition outside a given quote.

  • Cleaning and preparation of trophies or bleaching of skull at taxidermist. Packing and shipping of trophies.

  • Hotels and airfares before and after the hunt or outside of given quote.

  • Gratuities to camp staff and P.H.

  • Medals from our hunting association (if interested).

  • Wounded game, which is not recovered, is considered as hunted and is subject to payment of the listed trophy fee.

Regulations require one license per hunter. Additional licenses, permits, concession fees will be stipulated beforehand within specific hunting packages.

Final payment must be done in cash or electronic transfer as Namibian banks do not accept any kind of checks.

Make sure to inquire about the rules and regulations of the hunting operation being used. By paying the deposit amount, each client understands and confirms all regulations under the terms and conditions of Nhosab Hunting Safaris.

10% is to be paid on the day of booking (non-refundable)

Booking requirements: 50% of the daily rates are to be paid no later than 90 days prior to arrival dates. The balance is to be paid upon arrival.

If a baboon or jackal is shot, and the client wants it as a trophy, the trophy price is to be paid.

Date of arrival and date of departure count as one day.

Side excursions are not included.  Please inquire about the cost of side excursions to various points around Namibia.

A cancellation or change of date must be confirmed with a 6-month advanced notice prior to confirmed arrival date.

With unforeseen circumstances, such as rapid fuel price increases, fluctuations in currencies or change in government policies and pricing, Nhosab Hunting Safaris reserves the right to change the package price within their circumstances.

Nhosab Hunting Safaris will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety, well-being and satisfaction of their clients.

Nhosab Hunting Safaris is not liable for any medical, life or travel insurances for clients. All clients should consult their own professional advisors and take necessary precautions when visiting Namibia.

When the animals are not found within any given package, i.e.; unforeseen circumstances, missed shot, refusals or changes to shoot must be clarified by each individual and the professional hunter to avoid any miscommunication, 10% of the list price will be refunded.

Packages are fixed and no animals can be substituted within the package. Additional eligible animals can be hunted using the fixed trophy fees above.

Extras such as photo and fishing safaris can be arranged, for an additional cost.

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